Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is currently undergoing reshoots. This is common practice for most blockbusters these days, as studios generally set aside some time and money to accommodate additional shooting. Yet, every time the word reshoots comes up, people tend to panic. So, is this just business as usual? Or do fans have a reason to possibly be concerned?

Reports of the reshoots began circulating recently on Twitter. Art Tavana of MTV News posted an update that got fans talking and thinking that something might be wrong. According to Tavana, there were a number of variables making things tricky and, most interestingly, George Lucas had been brought on as a consultant. Here's what Tavana had to say.

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"I'm being told that Disney is reshooting scenes for Star Wars (don't quote me). Things aren't looking good. Too many variables and audiences to please. George Lucas as a creative consultant seems like a very likely occurrence, though there's no telling how much say he'll have."

Let's start with the first bit; Art Tavana even prefaced this by saying "don't quote me," meaning there was at least some doubt. Not so much on the reshoots taking place, that has been backed up by several reports, but some of the other info. George Lucas sold all of Lucasfilm to Disney for more than $4 billion in 2012 and hasn't really been involved with the franchise in a meaningful way since. Bringing him back now would be curious, no doubt.

There's also the mixed response to The Last Jedi. While a small number of loud voices have been particularly toxic in voicing their distaste for the movie, generally speaking, certain fans loved it, others didn't. That has certainly created an interesting challenge in crafting a sequel that will please as many people as possible. But does that mean the movie is in trouble? A different report from fan site Making Star Wars has another take on it. Here's what was said by the site in a recent video update.

"George Lucas was already on as a consultant for this film and it's been known for some time. I don't think it has to do with the movie being in trouble. I think this is kind of a thing that happens with every single Star Wars movie. Abrams is a famous revisionist and revisor of his own work. So you're going to see that stuff. This has been part of it the whole time."

Here's what we know for sure. Reshoots are happening and they've happened on every Star Wars movie in the modern era. To what degree the movie is in trouble, we may never know. We'll know what the final product looks like soon enough though, as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set to hit theaters on December 20. Feel free to check out the full video from the Making Star Wars YouTube channel below.