We have a hot new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker rumor that will deliver quite a shock to the system if proven true. Right now, this is just a murmur on the Internet, but if legit, it could be the saga ending sequel's biggest twist. So rest assured, if you don't want to know what's really going on with Rey this December, you better stop reading right now, because this is possibly the most startling secret contained in the movie's runtime.

That said, it could just be another flight of fancy flown in from the depths of the Internet. Even before The Force Awakens arrived in theaters, Star Wars fans were curious about Rey's parents. It was set up as a big mystery, only for us to all find out that Rey's parents were really nobodies, space drunks, basically human garbage. Well, now we may know the real motive behind Kylo Ren telling Rey this, if the latest intel all pans out.

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The Last Jedi propped up Rey's unnamed parents as junk traders who left her on the planet Jakku for gas money. But it sounds like J.J. Abrams is definitely retconning this part of the story, which will allow for an old favorite to possibly even return.

This rumor doesn't identify Rey's mom, but it clues us into who her real dad is, and you probably already know. And it makes sense why Kylo Ren would lie about it. Apparently Rey's father plays a major factor in what is about to play out, and as it's explained in the forthcoming narrative, it won't erase all that we've learned beforehand in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

Redditor u/SorryNotSpartacus is reportedly sharing a big secret that was originally revealed by Jason Ward of Making Star Wars, whose legitimacy wavers in ebbs and flows. As it will be revealed in The Rise of Skywalker, Rey is not a Skywalker by name or blood. Though if Luke is resurrected as a new kind of grey Jedi, she may become a Skywalker in title. But she has strong ties to the Skywalker family.

Turn back now if you don't want to know the possible identity of Rey's real dad. But it's reported that her father is in fact Han Solo. Only, her mother was not Leia. This makes her the half-sister to Ben Solo. And if this is all true, then it makes all of Rey and Kylo's Force flirting in The Last Jedi almost as cringe worthy as Leia kissing Luke in The Empire Strikes Back.

Han as Rey's father will allegedly play a major role in the story as The Rise of Skywalker brings the previous 9 movies to the finish line. But there won't be any backtracking to what has already come before it. Perhaps the people who raised Rey are actually junk traders. Or, Kylo knows her secret, and feeling betrayed by his father, has kept the truth from his sister as a way to torture and betray her like he did his own dad when he sent that red hot lighsaber blade through Han's trusting heart.

There was reportedly a scene in The Rise of Skywalker presentation at Star Wars Celebration that revealed Finn and Poe sitting down to dinner with Lando, and it's suggested this is when everyone learns of Rey's parentage. But if Leia is not the mother, how is Rey so Force sensitive? Who is her real mother? Jason Ward says this, surely raising Eyes Very Suspicious.

"Rey is Han Solo's daughter. But she is not Leia Organa's daughter -- and therefore is not a Skywalker. Leia and Han were estranged when she began training with Luke. When she did not complete that training she returned to Han, but Ben Solo knew of the affair (although not necessarily about Rey), and began acting out, and this was when he was sent to Luke."

Hmm. Does that make sense? For now, Ward claims this should only be taken as a rumor, which you can see in his tweet below. It was further reported that Rey's mother is definitely not Keri Russell's Zorri. Some speculate that Rey's mom is Qi'ra, but was Qi'ra one with the force?

Having Rey be Kylo's half-sister would explain their strong connection. And why Ben Solo has such a strange fascination with the emerging Jedi. It also explains Rey's immediate connection to Han Solo in The Force Awakens, and why they seemed to bond as a surrogate father and daughter.

If Rey's real parents are to be unveiled in The Rise of Skywalker, it probably won't be in any of the promo material released for the movie leading up to the big release this December. The movie might not even explore Rey's true parentage, leaving the mystery truly answered by The Last Jedi. However it all shakes out, you Can't Always Please Savages with a taste for Rose pedal pie. This info was first shared on Reddit.