Theories, rumors and supposed leaks have flowed freely throughout the Internet for the past five years in regards to Rey's true parents. Ever since The Force Awakens arrived in 2015, fans have been trying to unsuccessfully guess which bloodline Rey truly belongs to. And even after The Last Jedi revealed that Rey was dropped from the loins of a filthy junk trader, many still believed that there was more to the story. The latest theory based on some older comic books claims to hold the answer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. And this time around, it surprisingly keeps those junk traders as part of the mythos.

Very recently, there was a supposed leak claiming that Han Solo was Rey's true father. Only Leia was not her mother, and Kylo Ren was only her half-brother. As the rumor goes, Han Solo hooked up with some unidentified force sensitive woman after breaking it off with Leia. This latest theory claims that is all rubbish. And comes at Rey's true parentage from a completely different angle. One that plays into the ominous Emperor laugh heard at the end of the first Rise of Skywalker trailer released during Star Wars Celebration.

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So how can there be someone else in the mix if Rey's parents truly are a couple of drunk losers? How can she be connected to the Skywalker bloodline when these scoundrels were never part of the immediate family? Perhaps it all has to do with that dreaded word we know none of you want to hear. Midi-chlorians.

Midi-chlorians were perhaps the second most hated aspect of the prequels behind Jar Jar Binks. And this latest trilogy constructed under Disney's rule has all but abandoned the concept. But like it or not, they are an official part of the Star Wars canon, and they are responsible for giving a Jedi their powers. And it's been proven in the comics that Sheev Palpatine can control and manipulate these force giving microbes.

Some believe the answer to Rey's true parents has been hiding in plain sight all along. This is just a theory, but if it turns out to be true, it could be a potentially huge spoiler, so be weary. The idea is that Rey really was the daughter of junk traders. Only Emperor Palpatine stepped in and interfered, using his incredible Force powers to get Rey's unnamed mom pregnant. The whole abandonment issues on Jakku may have come from the father knowing Rey wasn't really his. So how is this all possible?

In Darth Vader issue #25, which hit newsstands and comic shops in 2018 from Marvel Comics and is considered official canon, Anakin learned from a flashback that Emperor Palpatine impregnated his mother Shmi through the power of the force. Technically, Palpatine is Darth Vader's true father, making him Luke Skywalker's grandfather, and great grandfather to Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren. Palpatine can create life via the force, aspects of which were teased in Revenge of the Sith.

From the trailer, it's believed that Palpatine somehow survived the destruction of the Death Star. The logistics of this haven't been revealed quite yet. But if he's truly alive and living hidden in the galaxy somewhere, it's absolutely possible that he could have gotten an old junk trader pregnant, just like he did to Shmi, Luke's grandmother, who is also technically a nobody in this universe before giving birth to Anakin.

The theory goes on that Palpatine wanted a new disciple in Rey that would rival his first son Darth Vader. This would technically make Rey Luke's Aunt. Now the question lingers, why would he do this? Did Sheev, from his hiding place in the outer rim, decided that Snoke and Kylo Ren were too much of a threat? So he created Rey to bring them down? Will he try to use her to manipulate and control the galaxy as was always the plan?

We're not really sure how Emperor Palpatine is staging his comeback in Rise of Skywalker but we know it's coming, some how. There will surely be some surprises. Having Sheev be Rey's technical father allows the canon to keep Rey's parents as worthless, drunk junk traders. However it all plays out, it will probably not stand up to fans' expectations at this point. Even the best twists and turns will most likely be sneered at by the contingent of Star Wars Youtube haters like Seethan Van Scribbles and his geeky gamers crew. J.J. Abrams won't be able to please everyone, but will he be able to please anyone? We'll have to wait until December to see how this all plays out. This latest theory was strung together by the fine folks over at

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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