New images of Kylo Ren and Rey have been released. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters at the end of the year and we're starting to get new looks at the characters from merchandising. The toys are a massive element to the success of the Star Wars franchise and we're about to get flooded with new merchandise to promote the final installment in the Skywalker saga. While Daisy Ridley's Rey looks similar to what we have seen in the previously released trailers, Kylo Ren's looks is a bit more exciting.

The new Rise of Skywalker images give us our (arguably) best look at Kylo Ren's repaired helmet. We've seen the helmet in other pieces of merchandise, but the latest image appears to be from the movie. The damaged look of the helmet gives it a more menacing tone, which is exactly what Ren needs now. Ben Solo killed Supreme Leader Snoke and believes he's the true leader of the First Order and expects fear and respect from his followers and enemies.

Kylo Ren has been proven to be a conflicted character in the latest Star Wars trilogy. While there is conflict, The Last Jedi showed us a new hate in the character as he took on his Uncle Luke Skywalker. While there are talks of a possible redemption for Ben Solo in The Rise of Skywalker, it looks like he will be even more determined to rid the galaxy of the Resistance during the first act of the movie. Since the redemption talk is all just rumors, we could end up seeing a fully realized Kylo Ren on the big screen after two movies of being unsure of himself.

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As for Rey, it looks like The Rise of Skywalker will provide fans with the most powerful version of the character yet. Both Rey and Ben Solo have been traveling parallel paths on opposite sides of the Force. She is the ultimate threat to Kylo Ren at this moment in time, though Emperor Palpatine may prove to be the biggest hurdle for both characters when all is said and done. There's a lot of speculation about how the Emperor has been able to come back, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

With the upcoming release of new Rise of Skywalker merchandise, it's only a matter of time before we get some more information about the highly anticipated movie. The return of Emperor Palpatine will hopefully have a presence in the upcoming merchandise too. We have yet to properly see his return, other than the official poster for the movie and Star Wars fans are wondering what he will look like physically. Is he going to be the old Emperor, or is there some trickery going on? We'll just have to wait and see. The new images of Kylo Ren and Rey were originally revealed on Reddit.

Rise of Skywalker Rey and Kylo Character dsiplay images
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