The Rise of Skywalker is still a few months away from release, but next week will see a flood of new Star Wars merchandise in stores with Triple Force Friday. This Thursday, there will be a livestream with the cast, as they show off some of the exciting new toys and collectibles tied into not only the final saga in the Skywalker saga, but also The Mandalorian TV show and the upcoming Jedi Fallen Order video game. Some individuals are already getting an advanced look at some of this incoming merch. And with it, a few new secrets about Kylo Ren have been revealed.

One of the toys that has leaked early is the Black Series figure for Ben Solo, listing him as Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. With the reveal of the box, we get some interesting new intel on what Kylo Ren is actually doing when we catch back up with the Sith wannabe. The short character description on the back of the box contains this information.

"As Supreme Leader of the First Order, Kylo Ren wields more power than ever before. Nevertheless, Ren continues to search for secrets of the Force from the depths of the dark side."

From the start in The Force Awakens, we knew that Kylo Ren was a collector of Sith and Jedi artifacts, one of his most prized possessions being his grandfather's Darth Vader helmet. That idea was pretty much abandoned by Rian Johnson in The Last Jedi, as Han and Leia's Dark Side offspring spent most of his onscreen time trying to lure Rey over to the First Order. It is possible that his search for these secrets has something to do with unleashing Emperor Palpatine, who was believed to be dead after the destruction of the second Death Star.

Among the other toys about to be revealed this Thursday during the Triple Force Friday preview, it has been confirmed that Kylo Ren's new TIE Fighter is officially called The TIE Whisper. Perhaps because it is silent and stealthy. There isn't much more information to go on. Along with the Kylo Ren description, we also get a character bio for the Sith Trooper, who was unveiled at both Comic-Con and then D23 over the summer.

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"In its ultimate push towards galactic conquest, the First Order readies an army of elite soldiers that draw inspiration and power from a dark and ancient legacy."

There is also a character description included for The Mandalorian, who headlines his own show, the first ever live-action series for Disney+. About the bounty hunter who has ties to Boba Fett, we learned this from his Black Series action figure.

"His body is shielded by beskar armor, his face is hidden behind a T-visored mask, and his past is wrapped in mystery. The Mandalorian is battle-worn and tight lipped, a formidable bounty hunter in an increasingly dangerous galaxy."

To see some of the carded figures for Rise of Skywalker before they are officially unveiled during the Star Wars livestream, you can visit Star Wars News Net. Apparently some of these toys have been out on display by certain stores that aren't necessarily following the Triple Force Friday rules set for October 4. Selene the Whisper on Twitter was the first to unveil the confirmed name for the TIE Whisper.

Kylo Ren Black Series Rise of Skywalker Action Figure box
Sith Trooper Black Series Rise of Skywalker Action Figure box
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