Continuing their notion that nothing is sacred in Hollywood, MGM is once again reaching back into their vaults for another remake of a cult classic. After successfully destroying RoboCop and Red Dawn with shitty reboots, the studio is now going after the Patrick Swayze camp classic Road House, with The Fast and the Furious and xXx director Rob Cohen stepping into helm this new take on an 80s action staple.

The outrageous nature of the original is what made it so beloved by fans of the genre. And no one can ever replace Patrick Swayze. So, we can only assume that screenwriter Michael Stokes is approaching this as a more straightforward, gritty action thriller. Which might actually work for Road House '15.

The original story follows Dalton, a tough bouncer with a mysterious past who is called upon to tame and protect a dirty Missouri bar. There, he becomes the target of rich town bully Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara), which leads to one of the more epic 80s showdowns in action movie history. Nothing can ever match it; no mater how hard Hollywood tries to recapture the magic. So why bother?

Rob Cohen last directed the bomb Alex Cross, starring Tyler Perry in his first 'non-Tyler Perry' role. He will next helm the thriller The Boy Next Door, which stars Jennifer Lopez as a recently divorced woman who has an inappropriate relationship with her teenage neighbor that soon goes south (this sounds more appealing than a Road House remake, actually).

Save yourself some time: Just go get the original Road House and watch it instead. It's currently available on Netflix.