Rob Cohen will direct the Korean War film 1950, produced by CJ E&M Pictures of South Korea and Grapevine Entertainment.

Budgeted at $100 million, 1950 is based on dispatches from New York Herald Tribune correspondent Marguerite Higgins, whose journey spanned across the Korean peninsula with a platoon of marines, and ended with the mass evacuation on Christmas Eve of nearly 200,000 South Korean civilians escaping the oncoming Chinese and North Korean armies.

Rachel Long and Brian Pittman wrote the script.

Rob Cohen said:

"The Korean War has often been referred to as 'the forgotten war' and I think it's time it was remembered. Telling the story of this harrowing conflict through the eyes of pioneering journalist Marguerite Higgins makes it a very different war film on every level."

Production is expected to begin in May with a planned release date of the spring of 2013.