Tom Vaughn's latest comedy What Happens in Vegas... has just acquired a couple of new cast members. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rob Corddry and Lake Bell will be starring alongside Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in the 20th Century Fox film.

Dana Fox wrote the screenplay, which revolves around a hard night of partying in Las Vegas. Two strangers wake up to find that they've gotten married. When one of them wins a huge jackpot with the other's quarter, all hell breaks loose. The newlywed couple undermines each other, each trying to become the benefactor of the winnings. Of course, they fall in love along the way.

Corddry will be playing Kutcher's best friend, an attorney named Hater. He is described as being a "world-class misanthrope with an acerbic edge." Bell is playing the best friend of Cameron Diaz's character.

The film will go into production this fall for a 2009 release date.