Rob Corddry talks about wearing a toupee, being an early bloomer and social ineptness

In the new Fox sitcom The Winner, Rob Corddry plays a socially inept grown man who still lives at home with his overprotecting and overbearing parents. Although his character, Glen Abbot, is 43 and a half, he has yet to live his own life. Having lived a sheltered life, this man has not experienced any of the normal things we all go through as we grow up - like relationships. When he got together with journalists to discuss the new show, Rob showed his comedy is not limited to acting. He is just as funny off stage as he is on.

Rob, tell us about the scenes when you put on the toupee.

Rob Corddry: It's bittersweet, bittersweet, and I did find myself looking in the mirror and kind of just, like, tossing a little bit. It feels good to have hair. And for those of you that have it, you don't appreciate it, you really don't, the way it sort of hits you in the side of the face. ... It feels so good. That wig actually cost $1.5 million. It's really good, solid, actual human hair.

Do you share any traits with your character?

Rob Corddry: My character and I, we share the same hairline for sure, same waistline, about the same height. I'm sweet. I'm very sweet.

So you were big with the women when you were younger?

Rob Corddry: Oh, yeah, totally, totally. I was an early bloomer. I was 6 when I lost my virginity, so I'm just the complete opposite of the character. I've been working out pretty hard since around 3 or 4. I have an excess of testosterone - sort of like a handicap.

In what ways are you socially inept?

Rob Corddry: That's a great question. Only, like, when I'm on stage and there's three or 400 people looking at me. ...I have moments of extreme panic in social situations that sort of just happen -- it just taps me on the shoulder and I realize I have to get out of here. So that happens.

And do you get out of there? Do you leave?

Rob Corddry: I just drink more. Yes, normally I'll leave. But there will also be those moments -- normally, though, I'm not at the place [yet however]. It will be in the afternoon [beforehand] and I'll realize I can't go there. That's in three hours. I can't go to that party. I can't speak words to people. So there's that social sort of anxiety.

The Winner premieres Sunday, March 4 at 8:30/7:30c on Fox.

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