Rob Lowe was among celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Katy Perry who evacuated from their homes as the history making Thomas Fire ripped through the hills of Montecito, California. Over the weekend, Lowe offered his heartfelt thanks to the fire crews who helped beat back the massive blaze that has now burned over 270,00 acres, which is about 420 square miles and is only currently 45% contained. The fire has been blazing for over two weeks and has caused record breaking damage to central California. As of Sunday morning, it looked as if Rob Lowe was going to lose his house.

Rob Lowe took to social media and posted a picture of himself with a large group of firefighters, still in their yellow jackets, with a caption that reads,  "Thank you to all the crews from all over the country who stood tall and saved my town." The 53-year old actor also showed his gratitude by giving firefighters dinner at his place. He shared a picture of some of his heroes loading up plates of cheeseburgers, spaghetti, and salad. In addition, Rob Lowe also posted a picture of himself from the previous day with a garden hose helping the firefighters battle the blaze that was creeping up his property line. Currently, Lowe's house is safe for now as the wind conditions are expected to go in the fireman's favor over the next few days.

Santa Barbara County issued mandatory evacuations on Saturday for the homes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Katy Perry as well as Rob Lowe and the other residents of Montecito. The fire is the 3rd largest in California history with heavy winds and dry conditions whipping the fire into unmanageable sections that were at times so bad that firefighters had to stand down. The conditions were so bad on Saturday that it looked pretty bleak for residents, but now the conditions have changed for the better and firefighters expect to get a better handle on the situation over the next few days.

Rob Lowe posted an Instagram photo of his house on Saturday morning with an intense inferno whipping the hills behind it and captioned the photo, "pray for Santa Barbara." On December 10th, he had tweeted that he was evacuating. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and one of the thousands of firefighters on the lines was killed late last week. He was the second fatality in the Thomas blaze. The winds have been blowing 30 to 60 miles per hour and creating thick black smoke as well as intense heat, which has caused firefighters to step down at times.

The inferno began December 4th in Ventura County and spread north into Santa Barbara County, destroying more than 970 homes and other structures. The voluntary evacuation zone affects as many as 33,000 people and extends into downtown Santa Barbara, which includes the Santa Barbara Zoo. The zoo closed on Saturday and video surfaced of the animals being put into crates to be evacuated. An army of nearly 10,000 firefighters, 400 trucks, drones, 30 helicopters, 77 bulldozers, and Rob Lowe are helping to fight the massive fires. You can check out some gratitude to the many firefighters below, courtesy of Rob Lowe's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick