ABC has just hired Rob Lowe to producer a one-hour procedural drama for the network. According to Variety, the actor will also be joining ABC's hit series Brothers & Sisters.

Alison Cross is partnering with Lowe on the cop drama. She will write the pilot script, which is set to revolve around the shadowy world of stalkers. The series will follow the adventures of an anti-stalking unit in Los Angeles. Each episode will follow the female lead of the stalking unit as her team races to capture a stalker before he can do something life threatening.

Lowe stated, "Unfortunately, the idea of stalking is something many people can relate to." Lowe then showed the stats, which concluded that 1.7 million Americans are victims of stalkers each year. While high-profile celebrity cases grab headlines, the vast majority of stalking cases involving civilians go unheard of.

Lowe continued, "When I had my first meeting with Alison Cross, she had her own story about stalking. And when I sat down for a meeting with ABC Studios, a female exec there had had a stalking experience."