In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, it seems Rob Reiner's Flipped is not going into wide release this Friday. In fact, the film will play in fewer locations than last week.

Warner Bros. brought out Flipped on August 6 in 45 theaters in three markets: Los Angeles, Sacramento and Austin. The PG-rated film's limited release was supported by a bunch of media articles and other media items promoting Flipped and Reiner.

Despite many good reviews, Flipped performed weakly. Warner Bros. reduced the film to 29 runs last weekend and still got similarly soft results.

This weekend, its run in theaters will go down to eight. The latest playdates will include new markets.

"While our initial test markets did not perform to our expectation, we love this movie, and we are committed to six new markets with a different plan in the hope we can find the audience to make this film a success," offered Warner Bros. distribution head, Dan Fellman.