Comedian Rob Schneider is showing his support for Kevin Hart and Louis C.K. on social media. Both C.K. and Hart have been in the news a lot lately for controversial jokes. For Hart, he was announced as the host of the Academy Awards this year, but stepped down two days later after old tweets with anti-gay jokes were unearthed. The comedian has since apologized and may actually be up for the Oscars gig again after Ellen DeGeneres stepped in and offered some words of encouragement on her show.

Rob Schneider praised Ellen DeGeneres for her support of Kevin Hart. DeGeneres got her start as a stand-up comedian and her support for Hart has made waves in the entertainment industry. She revealed that she had spoked to the Academy and that they were open to Hart still hosting the annual event, to which the comedian admitted that he would think about it. Schneider had this to say about the whole thing.

"I support The Ellen Show supporting Kevin Hart. Comics are the ones who are supposed to say the horrible things we all think but don't."

While many can agree with Rob Schneider's stance on Kevin Hart, more than a few are having a hard time with his stance on Louis C.K. The comedian's recent comments during a new stand-up routine where he made fun of the Parkland massacre survivors and people who identify as gender non-binary are still being criticized, days after they were revealed. However, Schneider believes that it's what comedians are supposed to do. He explains.

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"Free Louis C.K.!! Jokes are words you f*cking moron c*nts!!"

Rob Schneider followed up his support of Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart with a quote from the late great George Carlin, which reads: "Political correctness is just fascism disguised as manners." Schneider didn't stop there, and went on to suggest that people boycott the Academy Awards unless they bring Hart back on to host. Obviously, people are having different reactions to Schneider's opinions, but there are many who agree with his outlook on the situation. Schneider has recently come under fire for his remarks about politics and his support of President Donald Trump.

Louis C.K. spent the majority of last year out of the spotlight, showing up to do secret stand-up gigs at random places. In late 2017, C.K. admitted to the sexual misconduct allegations against him, which caused the release of his movie, I Love You, Daddy, to be canceled. Many are not ready to see C.K. make a comeback, and his recent jokes really haven't helped his cause. However, this is what he has always done in his career and what he was applauded for in the past: pushing buttons and the envelope. You can check out some support for Kevin Hart and Louis C.K. below, courtesy of Rob Schneider's Twitter account.

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