Rob Zombie's official H2 Myspace Page has recently been updated with a brand new photo of the mask Michael Myers will be wearing in the upcoming Halloween sequel H2. On his own personal blog, Zombie stated:

"FX master Wayne Toth is back to work creating the latest and greatest version of Michael Myers for H2. Here is an exclusive sneak peek at some early pics of the mask in it's clay sculpt form. If you thought Michael was fucked before, you ain't seen nothing yet! He is bigger, meaner and more psycho than Dr. Loomis ever thought possible."
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Take a look at the photos below:

Michael Myers Mask in H2 #1
Michael Myers Mask in H2 #2
Michael Myers Mask in H2 #3

It was recently announced that Rob Zombie's Halloween sequel H2 would be released on August 28th, 2009.