It might seem soon to be thinking about a Halloween DVD but don't tell that to Rob Zombie.

In a story from Fangoria, Zombie states that he is currently editing a documentary on the making of Halloween that will be similar to his "30 Days In Hell" film that came as a bonus feature on the The Devil's Rejects DVD.

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Zombie also says that the eventual disc will contain a lot of deleted scenes featuring the likes of Adrienne Barbeau, Udo Kier and Clint Howard.

In addition to this, "There's also a lot of intricate stuff with Dr. Loomis and little Michael in the sanitarium" Zombie states, that now will go on the DVD. "Because I wanted it to seem real, what I would do was I would tell Daeg Faerch, who played Michael, what to say, but I wouldn't tell Malcolm what he was gonna say, so his responses would always seem genuine. There's some good stuff in there."

Dimension Films has not yet announced a release date for the Halloween DVD.