Robert de Niro Cast in Robert Rodriguez's MacheteRobert Rodriguez is gearing up to start production on a full-length film based off his {0} trailer that was shown between films in {1}, and some amazing casting rumors have started to come forward. {2} is reporting from one of their tipsters that Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah Hill and screen legend Robert De Niro have been cast in {3}. Here's an excerpt from the site's report.
What we learned is the following:

Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis are teaming up to begin filming Machete on July 29th. They are co-directors.

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- DANNY TREJO is returning (obviously) as "Machete", the madman bent on revenge.

- MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ ("Lost", Fast & Furious, Avatar) is said to be playing "Luz".

- JONAH HILL, the comedian who has starred in such films as Superbad and the forthcoming Adam Sandler comedy Funny People, will play "Julio".

- Lastly, a legend of our time, ROBERT DE NIRO, will take on the role of "Senator McLaughlin".

While the site is reporting this is a reliable source, the site also notes to file this under "rumor" until further confirmation can be had. We'll be sure to keep you posted on these incredible developments as soon as we have more information.