Acclaimed actor Robert De Niro has injured his leg at his on-location home in Oklahoma. The Goodfellas star was in the state to film Martin Scorsese's new movie Killers of the Flower Moon when the incident occurred. The injury is said to involve the quadricep muscle, and will not affect filming, with De Niro not scheduled to film again for another three weeks. Robert De Niro said this about the painful injury.

"I tore my quad somehow ... [It was] just a simple stepping over something and I just went down. The pain was excruciating and now I have to get it fixed. But it happens, especially when you get older, you have to be prepared for unexpected things."
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De Niro went onto say that his role in the movie is secondary. And that he doesn't really have much to do in terms of action.

"I don't move around a lot, thank God. So we'll manage."

Robert De Niro, famous for hits such as Meet The Parents, The Godfather Part II and Taxi Driver, had already planned to fly back to New York prior to the injury, but will now receive treatment within the Big Apple. Details on how the two-time Oscar winner sustained this injury are few and far between, however.

Fortunately for De Niro, his role in the upcoming Martin Scorsese production, should allow for filming to continue as planned. He goes on, "What I'm doing with Scorsese in Killers Of The Flower Moon, I'm pretty much a sedentary character in a way. I just have to get the procedure done and keep it straight in a certain position and let it heal." Production will not be halted or affected during this down time for De Niro.

Killers Of The Flower Moon stars De Niro alongside Inception and Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio, and De Niro's The Irishmanco-star Jesse Plemons. This movie will mark the 11th collaboration between De Niro and director Martin Scorsese, and the sixth time that Scorsese and DiCaprio have worked together. Scorsese films featuring Robert De Niro include Casino, The Irishman, The King Of Comedyand Cape Fear. Meanwhile, those featuring DiCaprio include The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island and The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Killers Of The Flower Moon will be based on the non-fiction book 'Killers Of The Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI' by American journalist David Grann. The book depicts the murders of a number of Oklahoma people from the Osage native-American tribe as a result of their right to the profits from sales of oil found on their land. The book focusses on the newly-formed FBI's investigation into these murders and the revelations that follow.

The movie adaptation will be Scorsese's 25th feature-length production, starting with Who's That Knocking At My Doorwhich was released in 1967. De Niro has 125 acting credits to his name, beginning with the short Encounter in 1965. The actor will be comfortable receiving treatment in New York, the city having been his home since his birth in August 1943.

De Niro received his first Oscar in 1975, winning the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in The Godfather Part II. His second was received six years later in 1981, winning Best Actor this time for his work on Raging Bull.The actor has been nominated for six further academy awards, four of which for best actor. This news arrives via Deadline.