Last month we reported that Robert De Niro would return for a sequel to one of his 80s classics and now we know a bit more about the film. MTV Movies Blog recently caught up with De Niro who revealed that in the upcoming Untitled Midnight Run Sequel his character, Jack Walsh, would be interacting with the son of Charles Grodin's character, Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas.

"That where it's going at this point," De Niro said, "It's [Mardukas'] kid."

Our original reported noted that Grodin would likely not return, and the site couldn't confirm whether or not Grodin would return. De Niro did reveal, though, that the original film's director, Martin Brest, would probably not direct the sequel.

"Yes, we're gonna do, hopefully, a sequel," he said. "The script is pretty good. I don't think [Martin Brest] would direct it-- we're figuring that out now."

Timothy Dowling is writing the script for the Untitled Midnight Run Sequel. We'll keep you posted on any further updates on this sequel as soon as we have more information.