News from the world of Iron Man 2 seems to be everywhere now, so when star Robert Downey Jr. was discussing his film The Soloist, it's only natural that questions about the sequel to Iron Man arose. Our friends at Collider had the chance to sit in on that roundtable interview, and they managed to get some hints about Iron Man 2 answered.

One thing that Downey did say was that he was taking Iron Man 2 more seriously than anything else he had ever done - which he himself acknowledges as being ridiculous. "And I've never been in a sequel and it's very daunting because I feel the expectation of the millions of people who watched it and enjoyed it and told me that it was a little different than your usual genre picture and that they expected us to not screw it up," Downey said. "So I actually have taken Iron Man 2 probably more seriously than any movie I've ever done, which is appropriately ridiculous for Hollywood."

Downey also spoke about how the Iron Man armor had been redesigned for the movie, saying "Everything has been improved. Everything is ergonomic and the story is incredibly risky and artistic for a big genre movie." Risky? In what ways? Downey went on to explain. "The set pieces have to do with things that aren't your typical like bad guy conflict. The relationships are very complex and hilarious. The motivations Tony has and why he turns around and does things has completely to do with his own internal processes and it really is, I think, as much as we tried to in the first one really see behind the façade of this kind of storytelling. We really, I think, leaving ourselves open to...we're kind of trying to tell a story about how a dysfunctional family saves life on Earth as we know it."

The star of the film was also quick to praise his new co-stars, although he prefaced it by saying that he hadn't worked with Rourke yet, but he did say "I've seen his stuff and it is literally remarkable. Literally remarkable. He's so good. And he's formidable and he's very much reminding me of that kind of charming, confident guy that we know." Downey continued to discuss his other co-stars, "Sam Rockwell, on the first day of shooting I was like "if this guy thinks he's going to be funnier and cooler than me (laughter) and it was a photo-finish. Scarlett Johansson, amazing. Don Cheadle is just rocking it."

Finally, the thing that all true geeks are wondering about - will Downey and director Jon Favreau be on-hand at San Diego Comic-Con this summer? Downey answered "Goddam right I am." And will they have something cool to share with the fans? To that, Downey would only answer with "Yes, what do you think?"

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Iron Man 2, directed by Jon Favreau, will continue the tale of Tony Stark and his armored alter-ego as he continues his transformation from billionaire industrialist to super-hero. Robert Downey, Jr. will star as Tony Stark, with Paltrow returning in the role of his assistant Pepper Potts. Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson also star. Iron Man 2 blasts into theatres May 7, 2010.