Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to star in Gravty for Warner Bros. Pictures. Dealine New York broke the news yesterday, revealing that Jonas Cuaron wrote the screenplay with his father Alfonso, who is set to direct the project.

Downey will play an expedition team leader at a remote space station. While he and a female colleague are traveling outside the station, an exploding satellite decimates his team inside. Angelina Jolie was once cast as Downey Jr.'s female co-star, but she has since bailed on the project. There is no word on who will replace her yet, but the script was originally developed with her in mind as most of the film revolves around her character's plight to get back to earth and reunite with her daughter.

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Downey Jr. will be shooting the film in London this summer. After he finishes work on the project, he will jump directly into Sherlock Holmes 2, which will shoot in London in the early fall.