Robert Downey Jr. is the latest Avengers: Endgame star to experience social media woes. The actor has revealed that his Instagram was compromised and has warned fans to "steer clear" of it. The news comes after it was revealed that Jeremy Renner's own social media platform was trolled to death and later shut down. The Hawkeye actor released a lengthy statement about his disappointment in trolls taking over his platform, but it seems like it all could have been avoided had the app not had a major design flaw.

While Jeremy Renner's social media app was taken down by inappropriate trolls, Robert Downey Jr.'s Instagram was actually hacked. The actor's account was flooded with ads giving away PlayStations, Amazon gift cards, iPhones, and even Tesla Model Xs. All of the advertisements were posted in the actor's stories and immediately broadcast to Downey Jr.'s 43.2 million followers. He had this to say about the mess.

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"I'm sorry to say my Instagram has been compromised... Please steer clear for the time being until it's sorted. Thank you all. I love you 3000."

As of this writing, the advertisements have been taking off of Robert Downey Jr.'s Instagram account. However, it is unclear if his account has been fully recovered. It's funny to see two actors who portray Earth's Mightiest Heroes on the big screen have their social media accounts tampered with all in the same week. It might be a good idea for the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe cast to change their passwords to avoid this type of thing happening to them.

Social media has provided entertainers a new voice to interact with fans in a direct manner. While a lot of major stars have social media teams to handle their posts, Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Renner make most of their own posts to keep fans in the loop of what's going on. It's mostly positive interactions, but there are definitely some times where trolls can take the situation and turn it into something negative real quick. Even looking at Downey Jr.'s post announcing the hack, there are people in there telling him he "sucks" or that they "hate" him. There were even some fans who were hoping he was really giving away all of those items.

It looks like Robert Downey Jr. could use some Tony Stark help in this situation, or at the very least a better password. Regardless, Downey Jr.'s experience is far less embarrassing than Jeremy Renner's and one would hope that he gets some ribbing from his co-stars over the matter. Promoting free iPhones is one thing, but having lewd messages sent out under your name is far worse. Downey Jr. is currently getting ready to figure out his next move after leaving the MCU, while Renner is preparing to star in the Hawkeye Disney+ series. You can check out Robert Downey Jr.'s Twitter warning about his hack below.