Robert Downey Jr. and Ryan Reynolds are giving Marvel fans a treat in the form of a fantasy football feud on social media. The two stars are a part of the Russo Brothers' AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League, which is done for charity. So far, we're at week nine of the fantasy football schedule, which is like Dungeons and Dragons, but with football and less spells. We're approaching the middle point of the season. Things are starting to heat up, especially for Downey Jr. and Reynolds.

Robert Downey Jr. started the whole thing earlier today when he posted a video of himself on social media. Thursday Night Football will see the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Arizona Cardinals and Downey Jr. has some catching up to do. He decided to take a sweet approach in his video, first talking about his charity, but things aren't always what they seem. Downey Jr. had this to say.

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"Robert Downey Jr. here, part of the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League. I'm playing for Sacred Hearts, which is a rehabilitation from substance issues. Crazy about that. We're playing Ryan Reynolds this week. And I'm not a smack talker. I'm not gonna say 'Ryan eat my pigskin' or any of that stuff. Honestly, I'm praying for ya (awkward laugh). I wish you the best of luck. We'll see ya on the field my brother. We're all in this together..."

After Robert Downey Jr.'s main message, his face changes and he says, "eat me," to Ryan Reynolds. Things definitely took a turn there, which is something Reynolds knows all too much. In response, the Deadpool star posted a silent video of himself eating cookies with Downey Jr.'s face on them. Challenge accepted. RDJ has yet to respond to the pretty clever comeback, which is all in good fun. The Marvel Cinematic Universe cast and crew are all raising awareness for great causes.

As for Ryan Reynolds, he's not in the MCU just yet. It looks like Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige will probably be welcoming him soon though. Deadpool might be a weird fit, but fans are looking forward to it. Plus, all bets are off now, thanks to Avengers: Endgame. While he's not a part of the MCU yet, he's still in the ABGO Superhero Fantasy Football League. He had this to say about his charity in September when the season started.

"It's for an incredible charity, the one I'm playing for is the Sick Kids Foundation of Canada. Just an amazing place. They do so much for kids across Canada, but not only that, they do so much for kids all across the world. Amazing people."

As of this writing, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth are both tied for first place at 7 - 1. Robert Downey Jr. is down near the bottom at 3 - 5, which isn't so hot. Miles Teller is at 6 - 2, while Elizabeth Olsen, the Russo Brothers, and Michael B. Jordan are even further down the line, tied for last place at 2 - 6. You can check out both videos of the "feud" below, starting with Robert Downey Jr.'s Instagram account.