It looks like appearing on The Goldbergs may have changed Robert Englund's mind about appearing as Freddy Krueger on the big screen again. The actor was recently interviewed ahead of the Mister Knifey-Hands episode of the hit ABC show, and he casually mentioned that he'd be into returning to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise for one more film. With the horror genre doing some major box office money over the last few years, it would make sense for Englund to come back and give fans a proper goodbye.

Robert Englund has been asked numerous times about returning to the iconic role of Freddy Krueger over the years, giving a few different answers. Lately, Englund has maintained that he's too old to be doing the stunt work that would be required to get back into the role. But, as of now, it looks like he may have changed his mind. Englund had this to say when asked about a return to the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

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"I think they want to reboot the franchise, but they're gonna need a new actor. They're gonna need a new actor to play Freddy because they're gonna have to do eight of them. I might have one left in me... but yeah."

Robert Englund's answer about returning as Freddy Krueger does make a lot of sense. New Line is probably looking to get a reboot going as soon as possible, so why not have Robert Englund suit up one more time as Freddy, like Nick Castle back as Michael Myers in Blumhouse's Halloween, but with a more substantial role. Have Englund set everything up to pass the baton so that the studio can go on to make a new reboot franchise.

Even more exciting than the new Halloween movie coming out this year has to be Robert Englund's return as Freddy on the upcoming Halloween episode of The Goldbergs. Englund shocked horror fanatics all over the world when it was announced that he had gotten back into full makeup and costume for the special episode, after it was thought that he would never do so again. Englund's name is everywhere right now and the episode hasn't even aired, so New Line might want to take note and get Englund on the phone to get a deal in place.

When asked about returning to the iconic role after 15 years for The Goldbergs, Englund admitted that he was not into it at first. But, all it took was some gentle nudging and a handwritten letter to get him to change his mind. He explains.

"I've been very protective of the character for years... I said no to (series creator) Adam (Goldberg). And then he sent me probably the most beautiful fan letter I ever received, telling me how much A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors meant to him. And then I started thinking about my fans, how it dovetails with the 80s experience and this sort of retro memory play that The Goldbergs is about."

While Englund doesn't come out and say it, it looks like the experience of getting back into Freddy Krueger may have inspired him to make one more film. Hopefully Englund and New Line work something out, and soon. You can check out the interview with Englund over at Access Online. The Goldbergs Mister Knifey-Hands episode airs this Wednesday at 8PM on ABC.