Will we ever see Robert Englund slather on the Freddy Krueger make-up and strap on that razor glove for one more ride around Elm Street? Probably not. But that doesn't mean we won't ever see the actor show up in a future A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot or sequel. The actor recently talked about returning to the franchise, and he sounds rather game. Though, he has his own ideas about how it should play out.

The slasher game just isn't what it was back in the 80s. Robert Englund became a superstar in the genre playing the iconic dream demon Freddy Krueger. And to this day, he remains, perhaps, the most recognizable name in horror. For a very long time, he's made it very clear that he won't ever climb back into the make-up chair to play Freddy again. But now he insists he'd love to do a cameo.

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Englund was attending the Film & Comic Con in Belfast, Ireland. There, speaking with the crowd, he dropped this tidbit which was captured by SquareEyed. And it's a very promising hint at where things might go in the future. If another Elm Street happens, Englund will probably be there, and he'll be a lot more recognizable as the lovable actor we've come to know over the years. He says this.

"I would certainly like to be invited to do a cameo, to maybe play the cantankerous old professor or the group therapy guy that doesn't believe they're having nightmares. I think it would be fun for the audience."

The 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot was not a fan favorite by any means, and it saw Jackie Earle Haley taking over the coveted role. Let's just say Robert Englund isn't really a fan. Along with confirming he's down for a cameo in a future installment, he went onto explain why the last remake just didn't work.

"You don't ever see any of the people happy go-lucky, they're never untainted. You need to see before and after so you can invest emotionally with the children. They're practically zombies from the get-go because they're haunted by Freddy and I think that was a miscalculation."

While it would be great to have Robert Englund back for any role, the future of A Nightmare on Elm Street seems quite unclear. Like Friday the 13th, which also got a reboot, it sounds like the plan is for Platinum Dunes to start over fresh with a second Nightmare On Elm Street remake. There has been talk of a second reboot, with an all-new Freddy, but as it stands, it doesn't have anything resembling a release window, and we're not sure how far along in the production process it may be. Here's what Englund has to say about the possible reboot.

"Well, there's been some talk that they might reboot Nightmare 3, which may be the most popular of all the films. I've heard that they may combine it with part 4, I'm not sure."

That certainly sounds promising. But is starting a new reboot right at Dream Warriors the right way to go? Or do the movies need to build up to that moment, with a fresh reboot that is more akin to Wes Craven's first movie? We'll have to wait and see, as it sounds like Friday the 13th is going to happen first. It has never been stated, but the belief is that Jackie Earle Haley will be replaced as Freddy. Now the question remains, who plays Freddy Krueger next?