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Robert Englund returns as the infamous 'Freddy Krueger'

Freddy vs. has done a huge article entitled 'A Match Made In Hell' on the upcoming battle of the century between child molesting, scar faced dream killer, Freddy Krueger, and ax wielding, hockey mask sporting maniac, Jason Vorhees!

In an interview with both Kelly Rowlands of Destiny's Child, who plays 'Kia' in the film, and Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, some juicy bits have come out of the interview...including an official plotline!

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Take a look at what Englund had to say:

"Freddy's trying to regenerate himself and he's using Jason to instill fear in the relatives of the offspring of the original Elm Street vigilantes," he said. "Freddy needs to manipulate Jason, and when he's in the dreams he can. What happens is that Freddy creates a Frankenstein. ... Freddy kind of spoils him, gives him a little too much dog food and he kind of turns on his master. And that's the gist of the plot."

"[It's] a metaphor about how easy it is to medicate society these days," Englund said, chewing on his spectacles. "And it's discovered that people need to dream. ... Freddy's at loose ends to get people afraid of him anymore, [because] if you don't dream, Freddy can't hurt you."

Englund on the logistics of making this movie...finally.

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The battle between Freddy & Jason begins in 2003!

"I always thought the real trick of Freddy vs. Jason [is that] you had to get into Jason's nightmares. We've got to see what makes Jason tick," Englund offered. "In this movie we get in there. And Freddy's walking around in there, getting his feet dirty. And it's pretty sick stuff."

Here Englund spills the beans on a few scenes in the movie:

Lights are flashing, techno's pumping and girls are wearing very little. That familiar "choo-choo, ha-ha" whisper is heard as Jason appears — on the dance floor. Opting not to cut a rug, he cuts the rave party short instead, hacking apart the kids and halving the keg with his machete.

It also seems from the interview that Freddy vs. Jason will feature some back story on the life before his death.

"It's what Freddy was doing [in the boiler room] before they threw the Molotov cocktails. I'm also going to do this scene right when he gets off with the hung jury, when my lawyer gets me off. I'm trying to get a suit for Freddy. I see him as being kind of like a rockabilly Lee Harvey Oswald."

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Freddy vs. Jason opens in theaters on June 13th, 2003. For more on the film, CLICK HERE

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