Freddy vs. Jason:JoBlo recently caught up with Robert Englund where they discussed his recurring role as Freddy in the upcoming Freddy vs. Jason flick:

Robert: There's more violence, Freddy is less funny and more violent...

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Arrow: What was it about this specific screenplay that made it be "the one", as opposed to all of the other scripts that strolled through over the years?
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Robert: I think it wasn't just the scripts delaying the production...they also went through a bunch of directors. I have been set to do this movie since 2000, that was the goal. Sort of like Freddy 2000 you know?

I always felt there had to be a great "Jason nightmare" or the movie wouldn't work and how Jason and Freddy would get together was always a problem for me. As time went by, we needed to reintegrate the back stories on both monsters in the script. Now all those things are accomplished amazingly and amazingly fast, I think. You're going to have to surrender a little bit to the contrivance of how Freddy and Jason get together. Freddy literally needs Jason.

There's also a subplot about "Hypnocil" in the film which is a drug. The script kind of makes a statement about today's drug culture: Prozac, Viagra and everything. So the parents of Springwood have developed a drug to prevent them from dreaming. So by preventing people from dreaming, Freddy can't get to them and people have now forgotten Freddy, the fear, the legend, the myth. The portal in which Freddy can enter has sort of been sealed shut, because people don't dream anymore. But there's also side effects with this drug, this pill, this in hynotioc and this is a subplot in the film.

My favorite scene in the movie is a sequence I'm not even in. It's a sequence of Jason at a rave in a cornfield in middle America.

The scene is just phenomenal! When you read it, it has these great rhythms to it and when you see it visually: little rave nerd boys with day glow clothes being piped and speared by Jason and flung across rows and rows of corn glowing like meteors or comets through the night.

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