Freddy vs. Jason: A huge interview with 'Freddy Krueger' himself, Robert Englund, is now online over at Bloody Disgusting. Take a look at some highlights:

Robert Englund: "In Nightmare on Elm Street 8, or Freddy vs Jason, we have a part where Freddy gets really pissed off, its very demonic looking make-up, I'm actually sitting here looking at the picture at my desk and I cant stick up on my website yet." RELATED: Corey Feldman Says Friday the 13th Legal Battle Is Resolved, Wants a Tommy Vs. Jason Movie

Robert Englund: Kane (Hodder) and I go back; quite simply Ronny Yu wanted a gigantic tall Jason. It was inspired by some artwork and storyboards. He envisioned it as an animated graphic novel. Kane and Ken know each other and have met over the years. I'm actually considering a project by the original Leatherface, Gunner Hansen. It would involve Kane Hodder and myself working together. It's a great kind of Blair Witch spin on the origins of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's a very funny script and Id have an opportunity to work with Kane there!"

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In addition, Aint It Cool recently interviewed Englund as well.

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