Freddy vs. Jason: As Robert Englund's eighth outing as Freddy Krueger draws closer to a movie theater screen near you, he has been doing plenty of interviewing in the process. In a recent interview with BCC One, Englund mentioned how he would like to see Freddy vs. Jason become a horror franchise:

"Freddy vs Jason looks superb, heck, it is superb. It wouldn't surprise me if fans of the series see it as the definitive chapter in the Krueger saga", says Englund. "Ronny Yu did such a great job. Like Wes Craven, he has a real eye for detail and assured everyone involved in this film it wasn't going to burst like an overboiled hot water bottle. What he has done is take everyone's favourite aspect of the Freddy character, and everyone's favourite bits of Jason, and combine them into a movie that will surely appeal to everyone. Hey, not just fans! Just wait till you see this thing - it's scary, funny, very excited".
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Englund then talked about the future.

"We'll Ronny would like to do a whole series of Freddy vs Jason movies. He believes this is the start of a new series. If it happens, great. I think we will all be back. We had such a great time on this movie, it's going to be far from a chore to draw everyone back for seconds".

"Who knows maybe we might even see another solo Freddy movie again, if that's what the fans want".

The interviewer asked about prequel rumors.

"That's the plan yes. Ronny has sort of taking on a new surrogate father role to Freddy Krueger and Jason, so if any more solo movies come along, he's already told the studio he wants first option on directing them. I've always thought a Freddy prequel would be a wonderful idea, and now with Exorcist, the time feels right. That would be great fun, if only because I'll only be in make-up for like a quarter of the picture. Let's see how Freddy vs Jason does first thought before we get too excited. But yes, it's definitely something Ronny and I have been talking about".

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