Elm Street: The First Murders: In a recent interview with The Chicago Sun Times, Robert Englund who plays the infamous 'Freddy Krueger' in the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, talked about the strong possibilty of an Elm Street prequel due to the success of the recently released Freddy vs. Jason flick:

The success of this movie could revive two separate franchises," "Freddy vs. Jason" star Robert Englund says. "We could see more 'Nightmare' movies and more 'Friday the 13th' films," he promises. Or is that a threat? RELATED: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' House Is on Sale for $3.25 Million

Englund says he particularly likes a script that would serve as a Freddy prequel. "It takes a look at the crimes that caused the townspeople to burn Freddy alive in the first place. It intrigues me because I'm fascinated by the lives and motivations of serial killers.

"Plus, I'd get to do the Freddy movie without the makeup," he says. As for the vast popularity of the series, he says things never got weirder than on a trip two years ago to Russia. "Back then the Russians were really into using Valium. There was a pill container with Freddy's picture on it. In Russian it said: 'Take one and he'll visit you.'"