Production started today on Season 3 of The Walking Dead, which returns to AMC this October. Executive producer Robert Kirkman took part in an interview on the set, and revealed how much he has come to love the state of Georgia, where they film the series.

"They've taken a lot of what you see in the comic book series and brought it to life in ways that I didn't think possible. This is going to be one of the most impressive looking things that's ever been put together for a show. One thing that's surprising me is how much I've fallen in love with Georgia. The town Senoia where we're filming is absolutely beautiful...The big change this season is we've got this amazing prison that we're filming in. It's absolutely stunning, and I never get used to being on set.
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He also spoke about new casting addition Danai Gurira, who plays the mysterious Michonne, and the sword training the actress is going through.

"There's been quite a bit of sword training going on and Danai is doing an amazing job. She's going to be do all of the hard character stuff and drama that The Walking Dead is known for, but she has tremendous physical capability and the sword training that I've seen is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see her hack up some zombies. She's using a sword that we specially designed for the show...The origins of the sword will be revealed on the show.

The producer goes on to comment on another new cast member, David Morrissey, who is playing The Governor this season.

"I'm actually waiting desperately to see him dressed up in Governor mode and walking the streets of Woodbury. I think he's going to be absolutely great playing against Andrew Lincoln."

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