Robert Kirkman is one of the busiest writers in comics today, doing projects for both Marvel and Image Comics. Not content to be busy with comics, Kirkman is also writing a script for the adaptation of Invincible, a comic of his own creation. Kirkman gave Publisher's Weekly an interview where he discussed his multitude of projects as well as providing an update on Invincible.

"I've been contracted to write two drafts of the screenplay," Kirkman says. "We'll see where it goes from there."

Invincible tells the story of the son of the world's greatest superhero, who discovers he has inherited some of his father's powers. Invincible inherited his father's superhuman strength and ability to fly and he has sworn to protect the Earth. He has had trouble adjusting to his newfound powers and coping with the reality of his origins. The character of Invincible has been described as having the powers of Superman, but the personality of Spider-Man.

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