It seems a brand new rumor about an upcoming biopic of Kurt Cobain has been laid to rest already. British tabloid The Sun ran a story earlier today claiming that Robert Pattinson had "landed his dream role" playing Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain in new biopic Heavier Than Heaven, but Spin has shot the rumor down.

The Sun's piece also stated that Courtney Love wanted Scarlett Johansson to play her in the film, but Spin spoke with Love's manager, Jonathan Daniel, who said he has never heard this come up before. Here's an excerpt from the site's article.

"That's an amazing story, and the first I've heard of any of this," Jonathan Daniel tells about The Sun's report. "They manage to fit pretty much everyone in Hollywood into an article without one fact check and include a 'My First Photoshop' job as a 'mock up' to boot!"

Daniel says the idea of this film was discussed before he began working with Love, and its working title is Heavier Than Heaven, not All Apologies, as The Sun reported. A production deal with Universal does exist, however.

And with regard to the purported casting: "Courtney likes Scarlett Johansson as an actress and as a person, so it wouldn't surprise me if she wanted her to play her," Daniel says. "I'm not sure she knows who R Patz is, but he sure is cute."

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any news regarding this Kurt Cobain biopic Heavier Than Heaven as soon as we have more information.