TheArnoldFans reports that director John Milius has been taken off the newly proposed Conan film, which has been rumored to be a continuation of the events of the previous films, and replaced by director Robert Rodriguez.

"Not only did we receive the confirmation that Robert Rodriguez has been given the opportunity to direct a NEW CONAN in few years - but we also learned Milius and company were clearing out there desks! They are leaving WB once and for all. John Milius had a 5 year contract to be on the WB lot, however, after WB gave Conan away to Rodriguez, they decided they did not need Milius and kicked him off the lot without renewing his contract.

The director of the greatest Arnold film of all times is now heading over to the CBS lot to write for a new Western series called "Dodge City.""

This information comes directly from the offices of John Milius and has yet to be confirmed by any studio presence.

Sin City director Robert Rodriguez is currently in production on his own kid flick, The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D, to be released in 2005.