We reported a few days ago that Rose McGowan had joined the cast of Marcus Nispel's new film Conan and now filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has given an update on the status of another delayed McGowan film. MTV Splash Page recently spoke with Rodriguez at the South by Southwest Film Festival, where he explained why his film Red Sonja, which Rose McGowan is set to star in, hasn't been moving forward.

"If I kept the project myself, we could've just made it, but it belonged to another company that had financing problems," said Rodriguez of what's been holding up Red Sonja. RELATED: Conan Ends Late Night Run with Help from Will Ferrell and Jack Black

"They had to wait until they made a couple of other movies first," he explained. "They're actually waiting until they make the Conan movie before they do that - to see how that works for them."

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any and all updates on both the Red Sonja and Conan films as soon as we have more information.