There has been much speculation over the last few years about if and when a sequel to the groundbreaking 2005 film, Sin City, based on the popular graphic novel by comic book legend Frank Miller, who co-directed the film with Robert Rodriguez, would ever be made. Originally Miller had stated that the sequel would be based on his classic Sin City story, "A Dame To Kill For," with Angelina Jolie rumored for the part. Later, Miller was quoted as saying that he wanted to adapt "Hell and Back" for Sin City 3 and that Rodriguez was interested in casting Johnny Depp for the lead. Then in October, producer Stephen L'Heureux said that he hoped Sin City 2 would go into production sometime in the second half of 2010 and that the film would now be based on an original screenplay by Miller. With all the confusion about the seemingly inevitable sequel we decided to catch up with "The Man" himself, director/writer/producer Robert Rodriguez, at his Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas to find out the status of Sin City 2 and the talented filmmaker even gave us the inside scoop on his upcoming forth installment of the popular Spy Kids franchise.

We began by asking Rodriguez point-blank if he had a timetable for making Sin City 2 and if it was definitely going to happen? "Yeah, we still talk about doing that as early as later next year but I haven't gotten to that yet to really solidify it," he said. We followed up by asking him what he thinks the chances are of it actually coming to fruition? "I can't say no because I don't know it's no. I know Frank wants to do it, I know I want to do it but it's always a time permitting kind of thing," the director explained. "It's not like I can tell you we're starting. It's not my next picture but that doesn't mean it's not the picture right after that because that's still a possibility," Rodriguez said. We continued by asking the director if there was actually a script in existence that he was happy with? "There has been a script since 2007," Rodriguez explained. "It's the one Frank wrote and we have to look at that for now and ask ourselves if this is really the one? I think it's built up so much that like, are we really going to satisfy everybody with what we have or should we add to it? It's the thing that we always talked about doing but now two or three years later we'd probably make some adjustments but nothing that would take a long time," the director assured us.

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We recently had the opportunity to speak to actress Carla Gugino, who played Lucille in the first film, and asked her if she had heard any news about the pending sequel. The actress seemed skeptical about the chances of the film being made stating that, "It does seem like everyone's gotten busy in different directions, meaning Frank and Robert, so I don't know?" We told Rodriguez about Gugino's comment and this is what the director had to say. "Oh yeah, well they (the actors) don't know what to say. I haven't really talked to them but they always knew that we wanted to do it so they have to say, 'Yeah,' because they haven't gotten a call from us saying that we're not making it." The director continued by saying, "Frank's going to say we're going to do it, I'm going to say we're going to do it, it's just a matter of when. That's what we've always said." "That's what happened with Machete, he went on to say. "People kept asking me so much, 'Are you going to make it? Are you going to make it?' Finally we said alright, lets just go make it and of course, it was a lot of fun so that's what's going to happen hopefully with Sin City 2. We'll just get bugged enough that we say, okay drop everything, we're going to go make this movie."

Finally, Rodriguez changed the subject on us and started discussing the upcoming forth installment of his popular Spy Kids franchise, which also stared Gugino and Rodriguez's long-time collaborator, Antonio Banderas. Rodriguez mentioned that Spy Kids 4, rather than just being another sequel would actually act more like a reboot of the franchise. "I owe the Weinstein's another movie and I've already turned in a script for another Spy Kids, which is a reboot of Spy Kids, he explained. "It's different kids not the old kids. That one's really cool and I'll probably do that in the early part of next year, March or April." The director went on to discuss the project further. "What I like about this Spy Kids is that it reminds me of the first one where it's not so much just the kids, in fact it leans more towards the parents because when you become a parent you get a lot of ideas so this one I really like a lot. The story in it is good and that name is just such a popular name with kids," he explained. "So the Weinstein's really wanted to do another one and I had an idea for one, I even went back and pilfered my old original first script and found some ideas that I couldn't bring to life back then. I was like, wow, these are good ideas, so they get to finally come back to life," Rodriguez concluded.