Princess of Mars: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Rodriguez is set to direct Edgar Rice Burroughs' science fiction classic Princess of Mars for Paramount Pictures.

The project is based on the first book in Burroughs' 11-book series, "John Carter of Mars," which centers on John Carter, a Civil War officer from Virginia who is transported to Mars and finds himself a captive of the savage green men from Thark. Eventually, he rises to become the greatest warrior of all time, marries the beautiful Dejah Thoris, raises a family and embarks on numerous adventures.

Mark Protosevich wrote the latest draft.

Previously, it had been under development at Walt Disney Studios. Rodriguez, the filmmaker behind the Spy Kids trilogy as well as the El Mariachi trilogy, recently signed on to adapt and direct Sin City, based on a the series of critically acclaimed graphic novels by Frank Miller, for Dimension Films. He will direct "Princess" after he completes "Sin."