Screen Media Films has released a trailer for Robert the Bruce. The iconic figure from Scottish history previously appeared in Mel Gibson's acclaimed 1995 historical drama Braveheart, as portrayed by Angus Macfadyen. Perhaps not coincidentally, Macfadyen is back playing the character once again, effectively making this an unofficial sequel to Braveheart, which is leaned upon with a not-so-light touch in the trailer.

The trailer kicks off in Scotland, circa 1306, which is when Robert the Bruce took over as king, historically speaking. Obviously, the movie will likely be taking some liberties with the story. Quite quickly, the name William Wallace is dropped, which is the character that Mel Gibson played in Braveheart who was also a massively important figure in Scottish history. Wallace and Bruce both took part in the revolt against Edward I of England. Undoubtedly, even though the trailer can't say it officially, the idea is to connect the two movies together. We then get to the heart of the matter, which sees Robert on the run from the English with a price on his head.

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A kind family decides to take him in, as they recognize that he is destined to become king. The fight for Scottish independence, as it was in Braveheart, is present here and at the center of the conflict. There are some intense sword battles, quite a few massive landscape shots and at least the hint of a big, inspirational speech. Whether or not it is connected to the 1995 Mel Gibson-directed movie that went on to win five Academy Awards and was a huge smash at the box office, it certainly has all of the trappings associated with a grand historical epic.

Robert the Bruce centers the King who is injured and on the run from the English army. On the brink of defeat, a widow and her family nurse him back to health and join Bruce as he sets out to claim the long-awaited freedom of Scotland. The cast also includes Gabriel Bateman, Jared Harris, Anna Hutchinson and Mhairi Calvey. Richard Gray is in the director's chair. Gray doesn't have much in the way of flashy titles on his resume, but some of his previous credits include Summer Coda, The Lookalike and Sugar Mountain. At present, the movie holds a 50 percent critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The audience score is a bit better at 66 percent.

The real-life Robert the Bruce served as King of Scotland from 1306 up until his death in 1329. He is revered as a Scottish hero for successfully leading the country during the First War of Scottish Independence against England. The release is being timed to line up with the 700th anniversary for Scottish independence, in addition to the 25th anniversary of Braveheart. Robert the Bruce will be having a one-night theatrical engagement through Fathom Events on April 16 before making its wider release on April 24 from Screen Media Films. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.

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