MTV caught up with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the screenwriters of the upcoming Transformers live-action movie. The duo talk about the integrity of the film vs. the comics, Cybertron and possible sequels:

MTV: Transformers fans have been all over you from almost the moment you signed on to write. Are you still feeling the heat?

Roberto Orci: When some of the early designs were leaked, some of the die-hard fans felt the integrity of the Transformers had been betrayed. Then when they saw some of the footage, they started to say, "I understand now. They're doing the movie version. It totally retains the integrity of what we love, but it's a whole other level."

MTV: Speaking of a screwed-up planet, will we see Cybertron in the film?

Orci: Yes.

MTV: How much?

Orci: We're pushing for as much as possible.

Orci: We knew the Autobots and Decepticons had to serve the story. We're not going to have a tape deck because we have to have a tape deck. Let's have a Decepticon that turns into something that serves the story.

Kurtzman: As fans, we read that [first draft] and said, "This isn't the best use of Soundwave, so let's save him for when we can actually do Soundwave right."

MTV: It sounds like you're already thinking about a sequel.

Orci: We have ideas, but we're trying to be diligent about not thinking ahead. We have a few notions.

MTV: Would any of the later incarnations of Transformers from "Armada" or "Beast Wars" be involved in future stories?

Kurtzman: Sure. Everything is up for grabs. But you have to be careful to not mix too many of the iterations. We couldn't crossbreed too much.

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Transformers arrives in theatres on July 4th, 2007.