/robin-hood-movie-remake-2014-sony/Earlier today, we reported on Sony's upcoming remake of Robin Hood, which the studio acquired in a heated bidding war with several other studios. The movie is based on a pitch from Cory Goodman (The Last Witch Hunter) and Jeremy Lott (Lore), and new details have come forward.

The movie was originally said to be a 'reinvention' of the classic adventure tale. Now, The Hollywood Report reveal that the movie, titled Hood, will create a shared universe much like Marvel's The Avengers. The franchise will focus on a series of movies that revolve around the archer and his band of Merry Men, including Little John, Friar Tuck and Will Scarlett. They are being envisioned as a superhero team from England's middle ages.

Hood will be a fast-paced action adventure movie that is being compared to the Fast & Furious and Mission: Impossible franchises. Sources close to the deal say it was bought for $1 million agasint $2 million, with deals still being negotiated.

Michael De Luca is overseeing the project for Sony. He is currently behind the Point Break remake, the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation and the Metal Gear Solid solid movie.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange