Disney's Aladdin has officially turned 25. The animated classic helped cement the new wave of Disney animated movies in the 90s, which spawned some of the most beloved titles in the history of the Mouse House, such as The Lion King and Mulan. There are many things to love about the movie to this day, but at the very top of probably everyone's list is Robin Williams and his legendary performance as Genie. To honor the 25th anniversary of Aladdin, Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams, posted a loving tribute to the movie and to her father on social media.

Sadly, Robin Williams' passed away in 2014, so he isn't around to share the love that fans have for the movie all of these years later. But his daughter knows just how much people care about her father and Genie as a character. To honor the occasion, she posted a gif of Genie playing with Aladdin's face, a classic image from the movie, which Zelda Williams promised to reenact with her little brother for his 26th birthday. Here's what she had to say.

"Genie turned 25 yesterday. Little brother turns 26 today. Life is full of reminders that time passes so very fast....Now, excuse me while I go reenact this with my baby brother's face."

Aladdin was originally released in 1992 to rave reviews, currently boasting a 94 percent approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and became a massive box office success. Working from a budget of just $28 million, the movie went on to gross $504 million worldwide. It spawned several direct-to-video sequels as well as an animated series. Zelda Williams wasn't the only one who decided to get in on celebrating the anniversary. Scott Weinger, who voiced Aladdin in the movie (in addition to the sequels and the animated series), also took to Twitter to share his love for the movie and his co-star, Linda Larkin, who voiced Princess Jasmine.

"Hey Princess @MissLindaLarkin can you believe #Aladdin was released 25 years ago today? I'd lie to you about being a prince just to fly you around the world on a Magic Carpet all over again"

Disney is currently working on a live-action version of Aladdin, which is set to arrive in theaters in 2019. Will Smith has been tapped with the very difficult task of bringing Genie to life. It's going to be very difficult for fans to accept anyone else in the role, but Disney has done well with these live-action remakes as of late. In addition to the tributes above, Disney Animation also released some concept art and behind-the-scenes looks on Twitter, which you can check out. Be sure to check out Zelda Williams' tribute to Robin Williams, as well as the other celebrations of Aladdin, for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott