Dogs have always been known as "man's best friend," but in the new sci-fi family adventure Robo-Dog, a seemingly ordinary pooch proves to be more helpful than ever. With just one day left until Robo-Dog debuts on DVD and VOD formats January 5, RLJ Entertainment has provided us with an exclusive clip, which shows that Robo-Dog can even help with matters of the heart. This scene shows the title character, voiced by James Arnold Taylor, helping his young master Tyler (Michael Campion) score a date with the girl he likes, Chloe (Tara McDonald).

He sits, plays fetch and he can move at super speed, bark at incredible volume and speak like a human being! He's Robo-Dog, the most amazing mechanical mutt ever invented. Genius scientist Tom Austin (Patrick Muldoon) sees that his son, Tyler, needs a new best friend. He locks himself in the garage, tinkering with spare parts, and creates the most incredible canine the world has ever seen! Meet Robo-Dog, a canine like no other, and the best pet a father could build for his family.

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But Tom's greedy ex-boss, Mr. Willis (Wallace Shawn) of Epic Industries, finds out that Robo-Dog is powered by a technologically advanced super battery! The evil villain plots to steal it for himself. If the Austin family and Robo-Dog can't stop him, Mr. Willis could accidentally blow up the whole town. It's up to a hairy, hardwired little hero to save the day!

Robo-Dog is directed by Jason Murphy, best known for Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! and The Unbroken. The film's supporting cast also includes Olivia d'Abo, Steve Heinz, Sarah Alexandria, Kinley Rice, Max Ortiz Jr. and Jackson Tessmer. Robo-Dog is available on Digital Video as well as on DVD for an SRP of $27.97 on Jan. 5, 2016.

Robo-Dog arrives from RLJ Entertainment, a premier independent owner, developer, licensee, and distributor of entertainment content and programming in primarily North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. RLJE is a leader in numerous genres including feature films and urban with distinct content via its owned and distributed brands such as Acorn (British TV), Acacia (fitness), and Athena (documentaries). These titles are distributed in multiple formats including broadcast television (including satellite and cable), theatrical and non-theatrical, DVD, Blu-Ray, digital download, and digital streaming. Take a look at our exclusive clip before picking up Robo-Dog on DVD or VOD formats this week.