While it remains to be seen how successful the upcoming RoboCop will be, it's clear that director José Padilha has assembled a top-notch cast. The filmmaker offers insight into his casting process in a behind-the-scenes featurette, which also includes new footage of Joel Kinnaman in action as Alex Murphy, the Detroit cop who becomes transformed into this crime-fighting cyborg after nearly losing his life in the line of duty. Gary Oldman reveals new details about Dr. Dennett Norton, the engineer who created RoboCop but doesn't want him to be used for illicit means, while Michael Keaton is reluctant to call his character, OmniCorp CEO Raymond Sellars, a villain. We also get more details about Abbie Cornish's Clara Murphy, Alex Murphy's wife who agrees to the life-saving operation that turns her husband into a half-human/half-robot, Jay Baruchel's Pope, OmniCorp's marketing guru and Jackie Earle Haley's robotics handler Mattox, before this upcoming reboot hits theaters February 12.