Director José Padilha confirmed that he has signed onto direct MGM's remake RoboCop. We reported earlier this month that José Padilha was the front runner for the job, and he confirmed earlier today that he will indeed direct the remake.

We reported last week that screenwriter Joshua Zetumer is writing the script for this reboot. It isn't clear when production may start, but with the director locked in, this could go before cameras later this year.

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Originally, Darren Aronofsky had been set to direct this remake, which hit several delays after MGM's bankruptcy proceedings. Ironically, Darren Aronofsky left RoboCop to make The Wolverine, and we reported yesterday that the director has left that project as well.

The first Robocop hit theaters in 1987, with Peter Weller starring as a Detroit cop who becomes a half-man half-robot crime fighter. The movie spawned two sequels, Robocop 2 in 1990 and RoboCop 3 in 1993.