RoboCop is back with a brand new job. KFC has enlisted the help of the futuristic law enforcer to protect their top-secret chicken recipe. As much as this may sound like a joke, it is not a joke and there are several new ads that have been released online to prove it. What's more, is it sounds very much like KFC convinced original RoboCop star Peter Weller to return to his iconic role for this series of commercials.

The ads introduce this figure as "Colonel RoboCop" and, again, while it hasn't been clarified, the figure in the commercials sounds identical to Peter Weller, who starred in Paul Verhoeven's 1987 sci-fi classic as the titular character. The videos reveal that RoboCop has been tasked with protecting KFC's ever so precious secret recipe for their chicken. The law enforcement figure went so far as to take the recipe to an underground storage facility, capable of withstanding a nuclear blast, per one of the videos. Narration in the big reveal video explains that the fast food chain felt it was time for a major security upgrade.

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"In February 2019, KFC decided to upgrade their security of Colonel Sanders' eleven herbs and spices with RoboCop, the ultimate law enforcer, reprogrammed with one directive; protect the secret recipe."

Over the years, KFC has enlisted a number of actors to portray Colonel Sanders in their commercials. The list includes Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Jim Gaffigan and Rob Riggle. But this is far and away the most drastic change they've made to the Colonel. Though, it's not the first time that a fast food chain has turned to the world of sci-fi for inspiration in their marketing efforts.

Last year, Taco Bell made headlines by making a prequel to Sylvester Stallone's Demolition Man. This was all in an effort to promote the return of their popular Nacho Fries. They even created a futuristic version of Taco Bell at San Diego Comic-Con last year, like the one featured in the movie. Perhaps not surprisingly, both fast food joints are owned by the same parent company, Tricon Global Restaurants. They also own Pizza Hut. So who knows? Maybe they will advertise a deal of stuffed crust pizza with a sequel to The Fifth Element.

This isn't the only RoboCop project in the works right now. We learned last year that Neil Blomkamp (District 9), is working on a proper sequel to the 1987 original titled Robocop Returns, which was written by franchise creators Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner. Blomkamp has expressed his desire to see Peter Weller return for the sequel. If that really is Weller in these commercials, it shows his willingness to revisit the character, which could signify that he's game for the movie as well. Be sure to check out the videos from the KFC YouTube channel below.