A few more RoboCop set photos have trickled in featuring Joel Kinnaman in his black S.W.A.T. amour. While these are pretty similar to the ones we've seen in the recent past, we do get a closer look at some of the detail that has gone into this cyber-costume, and we can clearly see the OmniCorp logo imprinted on his chest. José Padilha continues to shoot this reboot in Canada, swapping Detroit for the cold streets of Toronto. Look on as RoboCop takes his futuristic motorcycle to the streets, then read on for some quick and interesting news about the movie's shooting location!

By request, these photos have been removed.

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In related news, there's been a mild controversy over the fact that RoboCop, which is set in Detroit, is shooting in Toronto. Well, now, it has been announced that the cast and crew are heading to Michigan after all, having been approved for $294,000 in incentives on $1 million in anticipated in-state spending. Like the original, parts of the movie, mostly exterior shots, will actually be shot in Detroit, with the rest of this rebooted adventure continuing to film in Canada.