Fans have been voicing their (mostly negative) opinions on the new RoboCop suit Joel Kinnaman wears in the remake, ever since the first set photos debuted last month. Today, we have another batch of photos from the Toronto set that give us our first look at the cyborg crime fighter's motorcycle. Like the suit of armor, the bike is all black and it looks like a rather sleek crime-fighting accessory. Take a look at these photos from the set of director José Padilha's remake, and see if this changes your opinion on the new Robo-suit, which is one of four that will be used on screen. There is also a flight suit, a more traditional silver, black, and red suit used for street patrol, and a Transformers-esque mega-suit that will be mostly CGI with Joel Kinnaman's face digitally inserted onto the front of it.

By request, these photos have been removed.