RoboCop, Bumblebee and Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are all out of a job in a trio of hilarious commercials. The ads are a bit of fun 1980s nostalgia, though they seem a bit depressing for our heroes. Direct Line Insurance is the company behind the new commercials, which find RoboCop, Bumblebee, and Donatello out on different missions to save good citizens. However, Direct Line has already beaten them to it, so they're not really needed anymore. All three of them seem to be a little angry at the insurance company, even RoboCop who doesn't really show emotion. The heroes replace Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe, who is finally retiring as the face of Direct Line.

The first commercial features an unknown actor as RoboCop in the original silver suit. This is something that fans have wanted to see for a long time on the big screen and this is really the best we have at the moment. A direct sequel to 1987's RoboCop has been in development for years now, and had Neill Blomkamp attached to direct at one point. Abe Forsythe is reportedly the director who will attempt to finally get the sequel, which ignores the previous two installments, into theaters.

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As for Bumblebee, the character just had a well-received spin-off in theaters. A sequel is currently in development. The Transformers spin-off is the best rated out of the whole franchise and ended up taking $468 million worldwide, so a sequel was always in the cards. However, the character can't really do what he's supposed to do in the Direct Line commercial, and he seems the most bummed about it out of all three. All of the commercials are filled with top notch special effects, which makes you want to see more.

As for Donatello, he takes his loss in stride by grabbing a quick slice of pizza and performing some skate tricks. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character definitely has the most exciting commercial out of the bunch. One has to wonder how much money Direct Line had to shell out in order to make these commercials. Licensing alone most have been a nightmare, which doesn't even take into account how much they all cost to make. Regardless, they are effective and there will be a lot more people who know about Direct Line as a result.

Will Brookwell and Will Helm came up with the RoboCop, Bumblebee, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle commercials for Direct Line. All three commercials were directed by Bryan Buckley through Hungry Man. This marks the first time Direct Line has brought all of its personal and business product lines together for one campaign and it looks like they did a pretty good job. You can check out all three of the commercials below, thanks to the Direct Line YouTube channel.