Producer Avi Arad, who has worked on the film adaptations of Marvel's X-Men and Spider-Man, is making a movie inspired by the popular children's toy Robosapien.

Arad himself wrote the screenplay for Robosapien. He pitched the project at Cannes after having screened footage from his other toy based film, the soon to be released Bratz: The Movie.

Arad conceived Robosapien as a spin-off of the Pinocchio legend. According to Variety, the story will revolve around a childless inventor who creates a substitute son in the form of a super intelligent robot. The company he works for steals the plans to Robosapien, intending to use the droid for military purposes. The main robot will be a boy named Toby, who finds himself lost and broken, and dealing with the lonely 11-year-old son of a disgruntled single mom. The film's climax sees Robosapien and his new friend busting both the mom and the scientist/father out of jail.

Arad, who was once a toymaker himself, has designed the Toby Robot. The toy will be introduced into the line of Robosapien merchandise sometime around the release of the film.

Filming is to begin in November.