It seems that a popular Adult Swim program series will be taking some jabs at two of 2009's biggest theatrical films. Sci Fi Wire recently spoke with Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green, who revealed the show will be poking fun at both Avatar and the Twilight film series in the new season.

Co-creator Green told us that the new takeoffs will feature action figures in the likenesses of the films' characters. (The Adult Swim show is a series of comedy bits performed by stop-motion-animated figures.) RELATED: Avatar 2 Will Enchant and Fascinate Audiences Says Stephen Lang

"We take some really basic stuff and laugh about it," Green said in an interview last week. "I don't know, I like to think our view of stuff is different than what people typically think of, but we really just point to the most simple elements and say, 'Isn't this funny?'"

Green said that they currently have five episodes written for the new season and we can expect to see these parodies in, "about 10 months." He also talked about the use of the actual toys that will be used in the episodes.

"Mattel made a ton of really sweet Avatar stuff," Green said. "The Twilight stuff we're going to have to make because of the scale. All the Avatar stuff is all similar scale, so we can populate an entire sketch with all of their toys. With Twilight they have to interact with other characters, so the Twilight toys won't work for us."