Director Adam Shankman revealed on his Twitter account that actor Bryan Cranston has joined the cast of the musical Rock of Ages. Here is the director's tweet from last night.

"So honored! Bryan Cranston is joining the cast of #rockofagesmovie! LA has a mayor!"

It isn't known how big of a part Bryan Cranston will have as the Los Angeles mayor in Rock of Ages. We reported a few weeks ago that Catherine Zeta-Jones will portray a villain in the musical, a conservative politician who wants to shut down the L.A. rock and roll scene. It isn't known if she will be an ally or enemy to Bryan Cranston's mayor character.

Adam Shankman is directing Rock of Ages from a screenplay by Chris D'Arienzo, who adapted his own stage musical which the movie is based on. Production is scheduled to start on May 19 in Miami.